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Laptop Usage: Dos and Don'ts

Laptops are widely used by all sorts of people. Prolonged use of laptops in the wrong way invite many problems. Here are some tips to keep in mind while using laptops.

Laptop Usage: Dos and Don

 Laptop: Dos

Keep your laptop in a clean surface.
Transport laptop in a carry-case.
Calibrate your Laptop battery twice in a month.
While opening and closing the Laptop move it gently, otherwise it may cause the hinges broken.
Wipe your Laptop using a dirt-free cloth gently. 
Laptop: Don'ts
Don't leave your laptop in direct sunlight or in dusty area.
Don't place your laptop near other equipments that emits heat/magnetic radiation. Eg:- Mobiles
Don't keep any hard substance on the keyboard or surface, as sudden closure of the screen may damage it.
Don't rest your laptop on uneven, unsteady or yielding surfaces.
Don't use laptop on bed or put it on bed with pillows and blankets around. It may cause fire as the cooling fan gets no air to cool the laptop.
Don't keep your laptop with cables plugged in when you are away, some body may trip the cable and laptop may get damaged.
Don't eat or drink near laptops. It may get spilled over keyboard.
Don't carry laptop in an overloaded backpack. It may scratch the display.
Don't keep your laptop on your lap continuously for hours for it is harmful for your body. Studies report that Laptop generates so much heat which is harmful to the reproductive system. If you are working on your laptop for hours by placing it on your legs, it may damage your skin permanently causing 'toasted skin syndrome'.
Don't use another’s make adapter with your Laptop.  
Don't touch the LCD panel while cleaning and  Never use the soap or liquid for cleaning. 
Don't block the openings provided for ventillation.
Don't leave the AC Adapter “ON” once the battery is fully charged.
Don’t bang  your Laptop / Notebook shut and never pickup or hold your Notebook / Laptop by the display.

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