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Mobile Phone: Dos and Don'ts

The effect mobile phone radiation has on human health is the subject of recent interest and study, as a result of the enormous increase in mobile phone usage throughout the world. Here are some tips to keep in mind while using mobile phones.

Mobile Phone: Dos and Don


Mobile Phone: Dos
Use a land-line (wired) phone whenever possible.
Switch your cell phone from one ear to the other while talking, so that one side isn’t overexposed to radiation.
Keep cell phone calls short. Less time on your mobile device means less radiation. Use a land-line phone for longer conversations.
Send a text message instead of making call.
Carry the phone away from your body when it is on standby.
Keep your phone well charged. Cell phones emit more radiation when the battery is running low.
Use a low-radiation handset. The FCC evaluates handsets for radiation emission based on specific absorption rate (SAR), and recommends using handsets with an SAR of 1.6 watts per kilogram or less. CNET lists the highest and lowest radiation cell phones, as well as SAR ratings for cell phones by manufacturer.
Add a radiation shield to your mobile handset to increase insulation. Numerous online merchants sell these.
Buy a cell phone with a long 'talk time'. It is more efficient, with less powerful emissions.
Mobile Phone: Don'ts
Don't press the handset against your head while talking. The closer the handset gets to your head, the more radiation your brain will absorb. Use a hands-free headset or ear bud to keep the handset at a safe distance.
Don't walk around with your cell phone on. Cell phones automatically check their networks every 1 to 2 minutes while turned on. During each check, the device transmits high radiation and those waves will go straight into your body.
Don't use mobile when driving or when you are in a vehicle. Because the device automatically checks for new networks and high radiation will be transmitted.
Dont try to call where reception is bad. Cell phones  transmit more radiation to compensate for weak radio signals.
Don't use mobiles in places where there is a lot of electrical equipments. Eg:- Trains, Aircrafts, Hostiptals
Don't attend the calls when the mobile is charging. First, remove the mobile from charger and attend the call.
Don't use the mobiles when the battery power is very low. It will invite high radiation.
Don't keep mobiles near your head while sleeping. Keep it away from your body as it is hazardous to your health.
Don't give mobiles to small kids as studies reported that the radiation is harmful for the growth of bones. Pregnant women are also adviced to keep mobiles away from them.
Dont use your device while wearing metal-framed glasses or earrings, or while your hair is wet. Metal and water attract radio waves.
Dont immediately put the phone to your ear after calling. Cell phones use high power to place a call, then resume operating at normal mode once the connection is made. Wait 5 seconds after placing a call before putting the handset to your ear.
Dont use a power amplifier to increase signal strength. Sure, a booster will make your mobile phone more powerful, but with increased power, comes more radiation.


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