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Group Discussion: Dos and Don'ts

Group Discussion has become an integral part of the selection procedure for job recruitment, and admission to quality academic programmes. Here are some tips to keep in mind at the time of GDs.

Group Discussion: Dos and Don

Group Discussions: Dos

Gather full details of controversial topics of public interest by following daily news, editorial comments and articles written by experts in news magazines and websites.

Develop language skills including basic english grammar, pronunciation and effective expressions.

Use simple yet forceful language.

Arrange your facts logically.

Use the opportunity to open the discussion or to conclude it.

Meet opposition with a smile.

Be broad minded in your approach.

Discuss and not dispute.

When presenting an argument, give facts to support it.

Be a good listener and be polite.

Be confident of success.

Speak patiently and convincingly.

Be impartial. Keep a balanced view.

Appreciate good views expressed by others.

Use relevant quotations and proverbs to establish your point.

Illustrate your views by examples.

Encourage a silent member to speak.

Continue to be pleasant.

Show willingness for co-operation and teamwork.

Give priority to group-interest rather than self-interest.

When you have a different opinion, use phrases like "Let us look at this from a different angle".

Use expressions like "As you put it rightly", "I agree with the opinion of my friend" and "We should appreciate the views of"  

Group Discussions: Don'ts

Don't use provocative language or gestures.

Don't insult a person or a group.

Don't try to monopolise the time given for a group. Give others, time to speak.

Don't block others.

Don't shout or whisper, speak normally.

Don't just repeat the view of another participant.

Avoid mannerisms such as "you see", "i mean", "yeah yeah" and "sort of".

Never give an impression that you are confused.

Don't speak too fast sacrificing clarity; don't be dragging either.


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