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Telephonic Interview: Dos and Don'ts

A telephonic interview is an interview conducted over the telephone by recruiters.This helps employer to screen candidates experience, qualifications, and salary expectations pertaining to the position and the company. Here are some tips to prepare for a telephone interview.

Telephonic Interview: Dos and Don

 Telephonic Interview: Dos 

Request that the interviewer call you at a specific time. This will avoid attending unexpected or unplanned call. 
Take some time to research the job and the company. The more prepared you are for the interview, the smoother it will go.
Be well prepared for your telephone interview. Rehearse answers related to your accomplishments as this is a commonly asked question and a good way to impress the recruiters.
Use a land line for interviewing. Unless your cell phone service is 100% all the time, use a land line instead of a cell phone. That way you won't have to worry about dropped calls and getting disconnected.
Turn off call waiting on your phone. If you have call waiting turn it off. The beep of an incoming call is distracting and can make you lose your focus.
Get rid of the distractions. Interview in a private quiet space. Turn off your stereo, TV and any other possible interruption. Keep yourself calm in body and mind.
Have a glass of water handy. Warm up your voice while waiting for the call. 
Keep your resume handy.
Keep your research material ready to act as reference point. 
Stay ready to take notes.
Focus, listen, and enunciate. Be sure to listen to the question, ask for clarification if you're not sure what the interviewer is asking, and speak carefully and clearly when you respond. It's fine to take a few seconds to compose your thoughts before you answer. Speak at an average level of speed.
Have questions to ask the interviewer ready. Be prepared to respond when the interview asks whether you have any questions for him or her.
Follow up after the phone interview. Ask for the interviewer's email address, if you don't already have it. Send out an email thank you note immediately, thanking the interviewer and reiterating your interest in the job.

Telephonic Interview: Don'ts 
Never take any calls for a new job unprepared. Politely tell the interviewer that you are in the middle of something and discuss a time that you can call them back.
Do not use unprofessional language
Avoid speaking too fast or too slow. If you speak too quickly, the interviewer may have to ask you to repeat yourself, which is inconvenient for the both of you. If you speak too slow, you may give the impression that you are not an intelligent person.
Don't interrupt the person that is interviewing you. This is rude and unprofessional, and if you do it more than once, you will destroy your chances of passing the telephone interview. 
Don't just answer the question quickly without thinking. If you do, you can give the wrong answer, and giving the wrong answers will cause you to fail the telephone interview. 
Never elaborate on any answer you give unless you are asked to do so by the interviewer.

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